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Castor Oil has been used as an external treatment for women’s reproductive health issues for thousands of years.


Castor Oil Packs for Postpartum Recovery

Castor oil packs help reduce inflammation in the uterus after birth and stimulate the lymphatic system to help detoxify the body.

This is particularly important during postpartum to with involution contractions (womb shrinking) and to help prevent postpartum hemorrhage.

Castor Oil packs can also help your body detox from any chemical anesthetics and medicines used during labor.

Castor Oil packs help your liver detox these substances because castor oil therapy increases liver circulation, stimulating liver detoxification and improving liver function.

Your liver helps play a role in regulating female hormones- which is important post-birth.

Why Do a Castor Oil Pack?

Castor Oil has the ability to penetrate deep into your abdominal cavity helping to reduce pain and inflammation.

Castor Oil Packs also stimulate the lymphatic system, supporting the liver and gallbladder in the detoxification process.

How often should I do these Postpartum?

I suggest first starting these about a week or two after the baby arrives.

You can do castor oil packs twice a week for about two months.

I typically leave mine on for 20 minutes.

You can alternate between placing the pack on your lower abdomen and the area of your liver which is on the upper right-hand side of your abdomen.

This may sound like a lot, but the healing benefits are worth the effort.

R399 a pack
Includes a 200ml bottle of castor oil (prayed with healing benefits of Ruqya treatment)
Wearable wheat bag applicator