Bento lunch box - Glitter edition - Extra large

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Make mealtimes Sparkle with our 6 compartment Glitter Bento Box!

What is a Bento Box? A bento box is a reusable Japanese-style lunch box that typically holds a single portion meal consisting of a main dish and some sides. While traditional bento boxes usually contain rice, fish or meat, and some vegetables, today, bento boxes are used around the world to hold any type of food that can be carried in a box!

Our Bento lunch box replaces the place of multiple plastic containers. Great for school, lunch, snacks, and so much more. The outside shell of the bento box is made of BPA-free Material. The whole box is freezer-safe and the box is dishwasher safe and microwave safe. These Bento Boxes can be used as meal prep containers as well.
Our lids come with an easy-locking clip and flexible extended seal helps keep contents fresh keeps meals and snacks leakproof.
The Bento lunch box includes 6 compartments and comes in 2 amazing colours.

Dimensions: 22*18*5.3cm