Personalized colouring books

Personalized story-based colouring books, by The Cuddler.

Our coloring books have been specially created by an occupational therapist and mum with a passion for all things children! Designed with the objective to make significant life changing events more immersive, fun, educational and personal for your child.

Get your child their own fun coloring story-book about upcoming events, giving them a sense of belonging and assisting them with developing their understanding of "what's to come".


Benefits include fine motor skills, neural development, problem-solving, concentration skills and an effective tool to help the development of key essential learning skills such as reading, writing and understanding their world as well as managing emotions.

Book topics:
1. Becoming a big brother/sister
2. The best dad in the world
3. Happy birthday

- A story-based colouring book personalized with your child’s name on both the cover and within the story line.
- A pack of crayons

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