BabyDam tried & tested by The Cuddler

Bath time -

BabyDam tried & tested by The Cuddler

We offer only the very best at The Cuddler, ensuring each of our products are of excellent quality.

BabyDam is one of our favorite products, we love saving water and creating a spacious environment for our little one to enjoy bath time!

What do we think about BabyDam?
It’s great!
It works efficiently, it’s easy to install and it has a very useful water level indicator on the divider.
Our little one thoroughly enjoys the space it creates for him to play in versus any contemporary baby bath.
The BabyDam is easy to clean, is lightweight and slim, making it easy to store away when not in use.

Babydam fits most standard size bathtubs.

Not sure if it will fit your tub?
Feel free to pop us an email for help!